Big Forgiveness = Big Freedom … Ka-ching!

February 6, 2012

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It’s no SECRET that we live in a holographic universe. Despite appearances, the past, the present and the future are all happening right now. This means that in every moment I can change my life and have a new experience.

One of the ways I’ve discovered to cash in on this no space, no time, holographic continuum is to allow my mind to travel back in my memory to the places where I got hurt and made choices from fear creating situations I would now like to rewrite. Ka-ching!

When I discover that some old hurt or fear is influencing the choices I’m making now I go back to the past in my meditation. I call forth the grace of God and revisit the experience in my mind making the highest choices that I can make now. With God, I forgive myself and everyone involved. I choose compassion. I look to see with new eyes and an open heart. Inevitably I can find the “higher” choices. I allow myself to experience these in my heart and I am free. I release myself and my fellow prisoners. It is astoundingly liberating to reclaim the part of my precious life energy that was holding onto the past hurt.

With this practice of compassion and forgiveness I’m literally creating miraculous openings as I relive the past with a more loving heart and pull that love forward into this moment now. Big Forgiveness = Big Freedom, it’s no secret. Ka-ching!


I forgive the past and choose Love now. Where I am, Love is and ever shall be.

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