What Gets in the Way of Love?

February 3, 2012

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Have you ever felt that you let down someone you loved? Have you ever felt that somehow you betrayed them or weren’t there for them in some way? Maybe you said something hurtful that you later regretted?

Have you felt so badly about your choice, knowing that it WASN’T a choice for Love, but instead was a mis-take, that you let it be a giant roadblock that got in the way of getting back on the Love course? I have.

I wish I could say (think of Liz Lemon here), “I’ve only had that experience once in my life, and since it was before the age of 10, I don’t really remember it, but I can relate.” However, that isn’t remotely true. I’ve had this happen so many times, I’ve lost count – and that’s why I don’t let it happen anymore.

When there’s a challenge in a relationship with a loved one and the challenge is me and my behavior – the temptation is really strong to run away and hide – sometimes even to sacrifice or sabotage the relationship out of guilt and shame.

As we all know, that isn’t the highest and best course of action.

The most loving thing to do is to be authentic. To make amends. To admit that you made a mis-take and to apologize. Sometimes it’s very challenging to muster the strength of heart to do this – but it is SO worth it. You are honoring the person and the love you have for them when you can be honest.

As that great diva, Cher, taught us – no matter how much we’d like to “turn back time,” it’s not possible. We can sing that song until we’re hoarse, and it won’t do anything except bring more regret. NOW is the only time when we can have a healing. NOW is the only time when we can choose Love.

If you can feel that there’s a tremendous amount of personal energy you’ve been investing in avoiding someone because you’re feeling guilty or ashamed, I invite you to meditate and contemplate until you can feel what is the most loving thing you can do NOW. Then pray to be Loving and GO DO IT!

It’s always the perfect time to be compassionate with yourself and loving with your loved ones.


I choose Love NOW!

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