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March 4, 2012

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Almost everyone I know is going through a time of real and significant challenge. For almost everyone I speak to their stuff is up for healing and transformation. People ask me “how do I do this healing?”

Very often we tend to look outside ourselves, and that’s understandable. If we don’t understand something, if it feels confusing we can look to a guide to help us. We can invest a tremendous amount of time, energy and money looking on the outside.

Looking on the inside is less time consuming, cheaper and easier. And yet, it’s often the last resort.

Many times I delayed doing the deeper work. i delayed starting a committed spiritual practice because it felt overwhelming to start. It felt like if I started it would need a lot of time and space to begin and there’s always an excuse to put it off.

That’s why I find that making an appointment works. Make an appointment with your meditation seat. Make an appointment to begin. Give yourself a few hours or even a day.

Sit with yourself. Rather than a book or a CD, sit with yourself. Breathe. Ask yourself what’s most important to you. What do you value most? What do you aspire to? Is it more important for you to have a big bank account or a big heart? Do you have to choose between them? What do you believe that is standing in your way? Is it true?

The answers lie within.
The Kingdom is within.

I’m looking within and so are you. We’re having a revolution of healing and transformation in our own lives. When we’re the ones who are doing it, then it’s happening now. Let’s do it together. Write a comment and report back!


I have time for God today!

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  • Jennifer, I am so thankful for your willingnness to share your “know how”, these tools and tips are helping me.
    Many years ago an older indian friend from a spiritual church we both attended told me, “you come on like a tidal wave then fade out” , your teachings are showing me how to find that staying power, to stop wobbling.
    May BLESSINGS and LOVE surrround you.

  • This is exactly what is needed. We put so much emphasis on what is outside us that we relinquish our own wisdom and strength.
    Sometimes God does speak to us through others, or through external messengers…but if we can sit quietly and go inside, we can find a quick link to divine insights and guidance. I know that I very much need to set aside time to do this, and your emphasis right now is just the nudge that I need. Thank you.

  • I met a friend of yours – Marianne Mitchell. Wonderful lady – connect on many levels.

    Writing this because – the Spiritual Espressos less often are actually MORE valuable to me. Daily stuff gets overwhelming. This is better.

  • Today i dont have a job and im greatful for this opportunity to take time to listen and be with myself . i bought another book Dying to be ME which is my weakness but i dont even feel like reading it
    I want to spend time with myself and God. OR HHSS
    SO I needed this thanks rh

  • I’ve done ACIM for a year – then quit – just like everything else I’ve begun. Being in my 60’s you’d think I’d have learned by now…. I’ve driven away all friends, my husband has given up on me – I am distant, cold – always been severely shy – always – never know what to say or how to say it. Was a devout Catholic – 7 children – 16 grandchildren – about 10 years ago I got tired of hearing how sinful and unworthy I was – turned my back on my former life – held every office in the local church and religious ed program and Altar Society. I cannot watch nor listen to the news – very painful to see and hear the circumstances of people and animals on our earth – what are we doing to ourselves…. Vegetarian, very active, no health problems, 120 lbs/5′ 7″, people think I’m sweet, kind, gentle, mild – inside I beat myself up every day. I know the answers are within – but I’m so fearful of not being able to go there and find what is there that I sabatoge all steps toward that end very early on in the meditation process. I love reading your blurbs – you are so down-to-earth and sharing where you have come from and where you are at is most reassuring. Thanks Jennifer!

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