Faith is a Knowing

March 9, 2012

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Faith is a knowing. It is a knowing that God is. In the Holy Bible, scripture tells us “Faith without works is dead.” Your faith comes alive when you trust God. When you trust in the Infinite Intelligence. When you choose to trust your faith comes alive in you and demonstrates as your very life!

How do we have trust in the Infinite Invisible presence of God when in the past we’ve asked for things and we didn’t get them? First, it’s time to stop asking God to be a delivery service. You are one with the One. All of the spiritual qualities of God are already yours to express and reveal and experience. These qualities include:


Let us pray to know ourselves and to seek to choose the highest and best in every moment so that we can be a living embodiment of those spiritual qualities which are our true identity. As we learn to do that, trusting God becomes easier and easier.

Let us learn to give up all forms of managing and manipulating and instead seek to express and reveal love and compassion at every opportunity.

It’s not easy, but this is what we are designed to do! Let us live by Divine design!


I AM expressing God’s Divine design with every aspect of my being!

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