Feng Shui for Clarity

March 26, 2012

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The art of Feng Shui teaches me to regularly purge my home. To purge is to release all the things that I store and hold onto that I don’t really need or use. Feng Shui teaches that holding onto unused things energetically affirms that I’m afraid the future might not be as prosperous as the present. Each choice that we make about anything, really does ripple out, energetically into all areas of our life, and throughout the Infinite.

Affirming fear of future lack through hoarding stuff now obviously does not help me create a prosperous future. Yet, how often people hoard things they don’t need, rather than share, without even realizing the effect that they are causing? Years ago I hired a Feng Shui consultant. I learned a lot. Part of our conversation went something like this:

Feng Shui Consultant: Have you got any broken phones you’re holding onto?
Jennifer: Why?
Feng Shui Consultant: Do you plan to fix those broken phones?
Jennifer: No, I sure don’t. I wouldn’t know how. Do people fix phones anymore?
Feng Shui Consultant: So, why are you holding onto them?
Jennifer: I guess it’s because they once cost a bunch of money, and I don’t like thinking that they’re worthless now. I didn’t really think about it very much.
Feng Shui Consultant: Do you have communication problems in your relationships?
Jennifer: Uhhhhh …. Hmmmmm.

Take a look around your life – what are the broken and outmoded, outdated things that you are holding onto. Ask yourself why you keep them. Get clear about the answer and look at it from an energetic point of view. Be willing to pay closer attention to how you block and limit the flow of energy in your physical space. You can create an immediate opening in the flow if you’d like to.
Why wait? Go for it!


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