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March 6, 2012

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There’s a reason the truth sets us free. The truth is that it is our nature to Love. It’s your spiritual destiny to remember your divinity and recognize the divinity of all life. The truth is that you already are free.

You are already free.
This is already true.

If you’re not experiencing freedom, ask yourself “why?”

Will you ask “why?” without stepping into the shoes of the victim? You can ask from the place of one who knows that they are one with THE One. Connect with the Higher Holy Spirit Self and ask from that vibration.

Are you experiencing this pattern of stuckness?

  • Denial of spiritual nature (which is Freedom) – identification with ego / lower self
  • Experiencing suffering.
  • Wishing to be free
  • Trying to “get” freedom in and/or from the visible world
  • Thinking freedom is elusive and hard to get
  • Feeling discouraged and frustrated
  • Thinking you’re not doing it right

What if you began to meditate on Freedom?
What if you decided to understand Freedom as your true nature?
What if instead of trying to GET Freedom, you decided to BE freedom?

Where to start?
Begin with a desire to FEEL the vibration of Freedom in your heart.
Fan that spark until it becomes a flame.

Is this easy? You decide. Your willingness will determine your experience.

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  • Thank you for this. I have been feeling trapped by life circumstances and this is just what I neded to hear.

  • It’s great to have you back with the power prayer. I really missed it, but did go back to many previous ones while you were away and Unity fm. Glad you were renewing and that you’re back.

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