Horse Manure or Answered Prayer?

March 18, 2012

I don’t know if we can always be grateful for our hard experiences. Although, we can be grateful that we’re able to learn patience, kindness, humility, generosity and compassion because of our difficulties, and that practice is deeply healing and nourishing. It’s a stretch to say we need to be grateful when it feels hard and challenging.

When life is really challenging it is definitely a time of strengthening. It’s a time of opportunity for skill building and expansion. Very often the answered prayer IS contained in the challenge that we’re having right now if we’ll be willing to recognize it. This does take willingness.

When we can be grateful that there is something wonderful happening beyond our challenge and that there is a gift in it then we can be grateful for the gift. We don’t necessarily have to be grateful for the challenge, just the gift. We can begin to look for the gift and acknowledge it.

Gratitude raises our vibration immediately.
Gratitude multiplies the good.
Gratitude increases our receptivity to good.

I think of the old joke – two children on Christmas morning. One is an optimist and one is a pessimist. They get their Christmas stockings and both stockings are filled with horse manure.

One child is angry and bitter. “Why would Santa do this to me?”
The other child is delighted. Why? “If we got horse manure there must be a pony around here somewhere!”

When things feel like horse manure, what if you started to tell yourself “there must be a gift in here somewhere, and with Divine assistance, I’m going to find it!” Try it!


My life is a gift!

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