It’s a Test

March 24, 2012

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Do you ever feel like you’re being tested? I used to feel that all the time.

I realized that the kind of experience I had where I felt like the Universe was testing me was, in fact, a Divine opportunity for me to make a leap in my awareness and embody a new strength that I had been saying I desired.

I used to hate the testing feeling. I rebelled against it. And then I changed my mind.

I began to realize that the GOOD of God was in that call for me to PROVE to myself that I really did intend to have the change I was saying that I wanted.

The test was an opportunity for me to “put my money where my mouth was” so to speak. Instead of feeling pushed and pressed, uncomfortably so – I began to feel the love and benevolence of the Universe in providing me this Divine opportunity to embody the change I intended to have in my experience of life.

WOW! That was a big change! Since then, it’s felt totally different for me. It’s not a test anymore. It’s an opportunity and I am grateful for it!

Ask yourself – “where am I feeling tested?” See what comes up and see if you haven’t been intending to grow and expand in that area? Are you willing to shift the point of view from “being tested” to “being offered a Divine opportunity to embody the change you’d like to have.”

Remember, it’s all about course correction and having the wisdom to make it!


I AM available for Divine growth opportunities!
I welcome them with ease and grace!

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