Judgments are Attachments

March 16, 2012

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(Negative) judgments are beliefs that aren’t true. The more attachment to the judgment I have the more painful it feels. The more I want to be right and proclaim the other wrong, the more discord I create. I am so grateful for the pain because it is my wake up call to look for where I have lost sight of my integrity. The suffering my judgments create reminds me that I can choose to be harmonious. I can release these judgments, these weapons of destruction. I don’t need the violent energy that judgments produce.

I can use discernment instead of judgment. I can perceive with my eyes and my intuitive senses what is to be known about something without forming an opinion. This is clarity. This is pure vision. Seeing correctly, I don’t create any unnecessary distress or attachments.

I am deeply grateful for my ability to wake up from the suffering my judgmental thoughts have created. I am profoundly grateful for every chance to practice because I grow with each opportunity. It is my nature to grow and so it makes it me smile. I smile at myself and speak gently to my heart as I learn to practice discernment without the fear that judgment is. As I grow, I can even have compassion for others who are judging and hold a higher vision for them. This is an important part of my practice because I have learned that the one who judges will always immediately feel judged and therefore insecure.

A Course in Miracles teaches us, “In the presence of knowledge all judgment is automatically suspended, and this is the process that enables recognition to replace perception.”

When I am in integrity with my spiritual nature I recognize a sense of wholeness is pervasive and I feel the deep sense of freedom that being in integrity with my Spirit brings. I am free from judgment and pain. I release the pain of fear through my spiritual practice of breathing deeply. I breathe and feel the flow of love-energy circulate in my body. I feel my deep sense of integrity with the Universe renewed. In the very next step I am able to walk again with integrity. In this way I profoundly change the course of my life by becoming a loving, grateful presence in all of my relationships.


I walk with compassion. I am in integrity with my Divinity and with Wholeness itself.

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