Liberation of the Heart

March 17, 2012

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We are all free, but sometimes we don’t believe it and therefore don’t feel it.

There’s a very strong belief many folks have that they’ll be free when … [fill in the blank]. They believe that freedom is conditional. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Freedom is a spiritual quality – infinite and eternal.

If you cling to your judgments and opinions you will never feel free for more than a moment. Your fleeting experience of freedom will always be conditional because you are clinging to a world that is shaped by your opinions and judgments and they are always shifting and changing from moment to moment.

Freedom is your natural state, your true identity. You will not be able to discern your true identity if you value your opinions and judgments. How can you know the eternal ever-lasting liberating Truth of God if you fantasize that you can have your own personal version of it? Value the Truth above all else, and the foolishness of living a lie reveals itself and there’s great relief – no shame, no blame, only Freedom.

Opinions and judgments can seem so real, but that will never make them real. You have to be interested in the truth in order to be liberated by it. You gotta wanna. If you don’t feel free, it’s likely because you don’t want to accept Freedom as your natural state – you’d rather have the story you’ve made up about your self and life.

You are free whether you know it or not. Feeling freedom requires the willingness to accept responsibility. Are you willing to accept responsibility for the words that you speak, the thoughts you think, the choices that you make?

You cannot serve two masters. If you would like to know true Freedom, then you must live in accordance with the Truth that sets you free. Your heart knows the way. Follow your heart.

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