March 25, 2012

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How does my nephew know I love him? He knows because I care enough to want to be with him and I make the effort to do so. It’s not what I say, it’s what I care enough to DO. The same is true in my relationship with myself.

How do I know that I love myself? I practice self-care when I take the time to listen to myself, to honor myself, to spend time with myself. Self-care is when I take time to play, to meditate, to listen to the inner voice. Self-care is living aligned with Love. Self-care is living to express my heart’s desire, not to make ends meet. I care for myself when I spend my days in activities that feed my soul.

According to Peter McWilliams, “Nonviolence toward the self is caring for oneself. Self-love is a crowning sense of self-worth … It is what the Greeks call reverence for the self.”

It can be easy for me to get lost in all of the activities of life. In all that busy doing, doing, doing I can lose track of really caring for myself. This essential loving self-care is something only I can do for myself. If I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done. If I don’t take care of myself then I’m not really practicing non-violence, I’m giving it lip service. If I’m not practicing nonviolence then I am participating in and contributing to the consciousness of violence.

Today, as part of my practice of nonviolence, I make a list of at least five ways I can take loving care of myself. I practice at least one today. Every day I move the world in a direction of peace by lovingly caring for myself.

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  • Thank-you beautiful and loving teacher – self love and caring for oneself is exactly what I need. Thank-you – YES!!

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