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March 28, 2012

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Share the best of what you’ve been given! Share your Divine gifts and talents! This is a Divine impulse and impetus and we all have it.

Share what you’ve already been given and commit to purging yourself of all thoughts of lack and limitation that you may have accumulated. Love yourself by focusing on no longer cherishing any thoughts of unworthiness. Look at what it is that you value or treasure about thinking thoughts of lack and attack.

Clean your inner house. Be willing to release any old opinions you’ve had about others that don’t create a sense of well being. Be willing to release any attachment you have to opinions others have had about you that don’t empower you and support you living your very best life. Let the purge begin!

Really go for it. Make a plan to purge your home, your office, and your life of anything that creates an energy of hoarding or a feeling of unworthiness. Keep only what you need and enjoy. Share with others the things that have just been sitting there going unused.

Recycling as you go, purge the areas of your life that feel stuck and stagnant and make room for more peace, more love, more joy, more abundance and prosperity, and more FUN! Just thinking of it makes me feel lighter. Phew!


I release what doesn’t serve and expand into my magnificence.

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