Sin No More!

March 23, 2012

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One of the oldest ideas in the world is that people commit sins. Yet, sin is in the eyes of the beholder. The Dictionary tells us a sin is a transgression of moral law, God’s law. One sin makes you a sinner and all sins must be punished, atoned for. All sinners are to be forever enslaved to guilt and shame for their lowly behavior. Whoever thought up this idea is the biggest sinner of all!

What if there are no sins, only mistakes? No sinners, only people who didn’t see a higher choice? After all, who among us hasn’t made a mistake? Who among us hasn’t lied or stolen something or done something to hurt someone? No one. There is no one to cast the first stone, and yet, how many stones have been thrown today?

From my earliest years I learned of sin and punishment. Young children establish their authority by admonishing the dog, the cat, whatever they can find. I’d traveled many years in my life making myself and everyone around me bad and wrong for their sins, thinking they deserved punishment from me or from God before I finally woke up and smelled the burning coffee in my Spirit.

Sin is in the eyes of the beholder. It is my responsibility to forgive all sins, all trespasses, all debts. I forgive so that I can be free of spending my precious life energy imprisoning others in my mind. I need to hold onto my energy, my power and channel it into sharing my gifts and talents with the world. God does not need or want me to be a prison guard.

It is a tragic mistake for me to imprison someone with judgments and condemnation. The mistake is to withhold compassion. Scripture tells me “behold, God makes all things new.” I am the one who, through beholding correctly and seeing with Divine Vision, requalify that which has been labeled as sin. In every moment I am the Divine Vessel. I am the one to deliver the love and if I withhold it I make the biggest mistake of my life.

Today, I recognize, I re-cognize my responsibility to behold correctly and see with Divine Vision. I am the one.


I am free to love as God loves. Everywhere I go I deliver God’s love and compassion.

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  1. Rev. Jennifer,

    Thank you for helping me clairfy, in my mind, what my responsibility is concerning anyone who I think has harmed someone else. This has been very helpful. Thank you, susan

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