Spiritual Ecology

March 21, 2012

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I am connected to all of life. I need to recognize that my being does not stop where my skin extends. Daily my breath extends far out beyond where I can see or put my attention. Therefore, my practice of nonviolence extends to the earth upon which I live, the whole environment.

I honor the earth and myself by conserving natural resources and avoiding the purchase of products that deplete rain forests or exploit labor forces. I recycle and reuse even when it is not convenient. For me to throw away something I could easily use or recycle feels like an act of unkindness to life itself. I buy recycled and eco friendly products, sometimes they cost a little more in terms of money, but I never feel the pinch because all of life knows that I am honoring it and life is generous with me in return. In the moments when I am not conscious of how my choices affect the environment I have become a willing sleepwalker because I truly do know better. My commitment to my practice wakes me up.

Today I practice nonviolence by expanding my commitment to honoring my environment. I recycle, I reuse, and I reclaim. As I honor the earth, I honor every one on it, including myself. By extending my commitment to practice nonviolence, I show others what is possible.


My loving choice matters.

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  1. Yes. We who live in the ‘Land of Plenty’, need to be more conscious of the things you speak of.
    I watched a great movie recently called “Wasteland”, that nudged me more in that direction. It’s about a man who creates his Art with Garbage.

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