Being Affluent

April 11, 2012

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One of the definitions of the word affluent is “to be in the flow” and I absolutely love that. I’m interested in being in the flow of giving and receiving. I’m interested in being in the flow of the all good.

There is a common belief in the human experience that it is “better to give than to receive.” We believe it, but is it true? I don’t think so. Maybe it’s become our belief to help us remember not to be selfish. I used to believe this and it led me to be an over-giver. I was giving to get and I was constantly keeping score. Everything I gave and received had a string attached and I didn’t feel affluent. I rarely felt like I was in the flow.

As I took my spiritual studies deep into my heart I realized that I felt so much freer if I lived life in the flow of giving and receiving. I decided that everything I received came from the Oneness of all life and everything I gave or shared I was giving to the Oneness of all life.

That’s when I began to stop worrying about money and I began to feel divinely supported. Things really began to feel affluent for me. I’m so grateful I was willing to learn to be a good receiver. In order to do that I had to be willing to know that it’s just as good to receive as it is to give.

When I receive I am GIVING people an opportunity to share and that is being a good neighbor. When I was a scorekeeper I was a poor receiver because I thought everything had a string attached. I’m so glad I could change my mind and give up the scorekeeping! Yahoo!

The Truth is that it is our spiritual nature to be affluent. Let us be in the flow of giving and receiving with all of our brothers and sisters.


I AM in the flow of the all good. I AM a good receiver.

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