Course correction is key!

April 1, 2012

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In this life with so many options and opportunities it’s easy to get distracted every day. It’s actually easy to get distracted for years at a time!

I’ve learned to be consistently evaluating whether or not what I’m doing now is contributing to my sense of well-being today. If it’s not, then I might benefit from some course correction. In other words, if I keep going, day after day after day complaining about something that I’m not actively changing or correcting, then this is affecting my well-being and I need to do something different today – I can change my thinking today and that will begin to change my experience.

I’ve had the experience of pursuing goals that were egotistical and did not lead me to a greater sense of fulfillment and liberation. They actually contributed to me feeling worn out and desperate and empty. I learned from them, eventually, but I had so many opportunities to course correct along the way and I didn’t because I was attached to the outcome and I didn’t want to give up. I didn’t want to lose face.

Course correction is key!

I’m getting better and better at course correction. I’m getting better and better at keeping my attention on my aspiration and holding focus. And I find that there’s room for improvement every day. I can notice the room for improvement and course correct, or I can notice it and be critical. One is helpful, the other is not.

It’s so worth taking time now to look deeply into the choices your making and discover the course corrections that will bring benefit. In order to do this you clearly have to know and understand what your aspirations are. For me, it’s very much about liberation – freedom from suffering is primary, and what’s more important to me is the clear knowing of my Divinity and releasing the ego attachments that keep me tethered to a limited view. To me, the greatest freedom there is IS the freedom to Love fully. Loving without hesitation is true liberation.

Let’s all invest ourselves in the habit of course-correction. It’s a real time saver. Are there any judgments, opinions, or resentments that you don’t need any more? Have any of them become an old habit that you can let go of? Wouldn’t you like to free up that investment of your precious energy? Take stock today if you’re willing.

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  1. Amazing Grace so wonderful in deed!! Love this idea of course correction. You are so full of wonderful ideas and tips , to help us control these thoughts. Thank you, Mary

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