God is Greater

April 4, 2012

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One of my very favorite mystical teachers and authors is Christian D. Larson (1874 – 1962). Larson is the author of many books and his The Pathway of Roses is a classic as well as a favorite of mine. It is so inspiring and uplifting to me. Larson’s beautiful spirit shines through every thought he brings forth.

A favorite passage from this beautiful book never fails to inspire me and refresh me:

“‘Be not anxious for your life.’ Live your life according tot he very highest light that is within you; use fully and well all the powers that you have received; give your best to the world at all times and under every circumstance, and depend upon the Infinite for everything that existence may need or desire. You will receive it. You need not be anxious about anything. God is greater than anything that can possibly happen. Have faith in Him and He will see you safely through. Things go wrong only when you fail to be your best and fail to take God with you in everything you do. It is therefore in your power to place yourself in that position where everything will go right. The lilies of the field are all that beautiful lilies can possibly be, and they depend wholly upon the powers divine that are within them. Accordingly they are an inspiration to all the world.” Christian D. Larson, The Pathway of Roses

The first time I read this I had such a tremendous feeling of invisible support. In my radio show this week I was sharing about Trust and Faith – you can find that download – totally free – right here: click here to access radio show downloads and while your iTunes getting your free downloads, please write a review of the radio show if you value it. When you write a review, more people will find the show and they too will benefit! Thank you!


God is greater than anything that can possibly happen. I trust in God!


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