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April 12, 2012

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It is mindfulness of my daily experience that constitutes the basis of my practice of nonviolence. If I can observe my actions and reactions I can notice that which is violent in my self and in my expression. Soon I can place my attention before my actions and recognize where my thoughts have become violent. Eventually I realize that there is an energy of violence in every judgment. Always, my own daily experience is my best teacher.

In an article for the magazine Christian Century, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., talked about his experience in Montgomery. He wrote “As the days unfolded I became more and more convinced of the power of nonviolence. Living through the actual experience of the protest, nonviolence became more than a method to which I gave my intellectual assent; it became a commitment to a way of life. Many issues I had not cleared up intellectually concerning nonviolence were now solved in the sphere of practical action.”

Today I examine my experiences in applying the principles of nonviolence. I bless my experiences knowing that they give me the opportunity to choose nonviolence and thereby change and grow.


I AM wiling to have a healing!

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