Preparing for the Resurrection

April 5, 2012

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I don’t know anyone that hasn’t had experiences that felt like betrayal. Everyone I meet seems to have been through experiences of intense humiliation. Who among us has not been through something that felt like a crucifixion of a kind. It does seem that this is part of our awakening to Love.

Often, it does seem that the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity to open ourselves to Love that has no boundaries and encompasses everything.

On this Good Friday, let us remember that the times of betray and humiliation contain tremendous learning and that can be a great benefit. In order to move to forgiveness we must be willing to release all judgments and opinions and move into humility and compassion. Then, we’re available to harvest the learning and we liberate from having to repeat.

Today’s full moon reminds us of the cycles of life. The full moon is traditionally a time of releasing that which no longer serves. Having released the old and limiting, we can open to the higher possibility and choose that.

Now is the time of our liberation. We are blessed to accept our healing now!


I release that which no longer serves me. I choose Love and serve God in the highest!

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