Resurrection Eve

April 7, 2012

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The betrayal and the crucifixion are part of the path to the resurrection. Do you recognize where you are in the process?

Today’s the day between Good Friday, the crucifixion and Easter Sunday, the resurrection. On top of that already dynamic and powerful energy, we started a full moon period yesterday. Everything is working together for our healing!

Now is the time for releasing the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and habits that no longer serve you. Yours is a path of glory. Your life is revealing the glory of Love Divine – or at least it can if you will let it.

Jesus reminded us that we must be willing to give up our little ego life – the one where we think we know how it SHOULD be – in order to discover the life of joy, peace, harmony and true prosperity that is our true path. The full moon is a time of release for surrendering the outmoded, outdated, dysfunctional ways of being. Let’s jump on this and call forth a powerful healing for ourselves. Are you willing?

We must be willing to let go of what we think will make us happy in order to discover peace everlasting in our very own heart. That’s what today is about.

If you knew the resurrection was inevitable, then maybe you would know the betrayal and the crucifixion are as well. Maybe it’s all part of us developing true humility and a compassion heart that doesn’t need to forgive because no offense has been taken – no judgment has been made.

Freedom is at hand. Even the moon and stars have aligned to support you! Will you choose that now or delay? You decide.


Love is lifting me higher and higher!


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