Tears of Gratitude

April 27, 2012

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One day I found myself in a circumstance that was not working the way I wanted it to and I felt deeply distressed, unable to shift it, miserable with the way it was. I felt as though I were being tortured. I was dwelling on the unmovable situation, my desire unanswered, my need unmet.

That night I was unable to sleep. It started to feel as though I was being punished. I tried to pray myself out of it. I tried to meditate. I couldn’t stop twisting and turning, trying to figure it out with my mind. Perhaps somewhere I had agreed with an idea that if life couldn’t be the way I wanted it then life would be torturous and that was what I had manifested.

The highest choice I could see was to surrender. My resistance to that surrender was causing the pain I couldn’t bear.

I had to find the way to get myself to agree to surrender.

I reminded myself of the truth — that God is good always and without fail. I couldn’t see it or feel it or understand it in that moment, but I was able to remember that this situation, as it was, was for my highest good because it could not be otherwise. This was an opportunity to learn and grow whether I like it or not.

I affirmed that there had to be a blessing in things being the way they were. I affirmed that I was willing to receive it with an open heart even if it wasn’t arriving in the package I would have chosen. I aspired to welcome the gift, the learning and expansion in ANY package.

Finally I moved into gratitude. I kept telling myself that I was grateful for the blessing that was surely at hand. I chose to believe that it would be revealed to me. I gave thanks to the unseen network of Divine Right Action that had brought this experience into my life. My gratitude brought healing tears. It was such a relief to move into gratitude. I began to release the pain inherent in thinking that I had somehow separated myself from the Presence, from my good.

I remembered that God loves me for real. God would never punish me. The pain was due to my limited belief that I might choose to believe that something SHOULD be different than it was. It was a great learning for me and I feel blessed to share my healing with you.

Is there something you’ve been struggling with?
Is there something that you’ve convinced yourself SHOULD be different than it is?
Would you be willing to be grateful for the healing and expansion that is on it’s way to you the moment you will let of of how you think it SHOULD be?


I AM willing to be willing to make the highest choice!

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