The Healing Power of Love

April 16, 2012

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If you’re holding onto an idea of how things SHOULD be, of how they COULD be, and how they MUST be, then how can you be available for a healing of any kind. We’ve all already had more than enough experience of our opinions and judgments to know that no good has ever come from holding onto them. It’s simply not possible for anyone to be anchored in the heart of Love and open to the unprecedented healing power of Love while simultaneously judging and pointing a finger.

If you think you already know what SHOULD happen, are you in any way available for Divine Guidance? If you have made up your mind, can inspiration find a way to reveal itself in you? If you’re convinced that you’re right, are you the fertile soil for God’s goodness to grow? If your mind has closed around a particular opinion, can your heart be open and available to the miracle of resurrection?

If you don’t let go of your judgments and let God move through you as a loving presence, you’re denying yourself the very benefit that you would pray so fervidly to receive and accept. Perhaps you can decide to do your own work of releasing the judgments and opinions and cultivating the loving heart so that your own Higher Holy Spirit Self can finally guide you.

So many times I’ve prayed for guidance and then refused it. I prefer not to do that anymore! Guidance comes in all directions and I’m grateful to receive the guidance as the healing power of Love in my life!


I AM receptive to Love!


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