Fear or Love?

May 17, 2012

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Today I’m talking with Rhonda Britten as we begin the 8 week, 16 class series, Living A Course in Miracles together. [You can register for all 8 weeks – my gift to you – no charge: http://livingacourseinmiracles.com/].

Yesterday we were prepping for our class and I can tell you that I feel so blessed. Rhonda is an exceptional person, who has walked a difficult and amazing journey of love. She’s written four best selling books, won an emmy for her work on television and inspired millions of people all over the world.

Rhonda is surely an inspiration to me. If you don’t know her life story then you’ll be glad to tune in today. I’m so inspired! Choosing love gets easier every day for me, but it has been excruciatingly difficult at times. There have been times when it was SO difficult to choose to be loving to the ones I loved most in the world! How crazy is that? And yet, so many of us have been there.

Living the love isn’t easy, but it does get SO MUCH easier. Doing this work of healing together makes it easier and it also makes it more joyful!

Every time I can feel that I am choosing love where I might have chosen fear in the past is a huge victory to me. Today I celebrate love with you, my dear prayer partner!

Thank you for choosing love with me! I love you!


I choose love and love chooses me!

We did it!  We announced the start of the next Living A Course in Miracles free tele-class – you can register now – please share with your friends!

Click here:   http://livingacourseinmiracles.com

8 weeks – 16 classes with folks such as David Hoffmeister, Gary Renard, Colin Tipping, Ian Patrick, Jon Mundy, Rhonda Britten and more!  Please register now and tell friends it’s all our gift to you!


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