Good Gardener

May 20, 2012

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In The Science of Mind Ernest Holmes teaches us that our thoughts are seeds planted in the mind of the infinite. The good news is that I’m constantly planting new thoughts that can grow into new experiences. This is why awareness is the path to liberation. I must watch my thoughts and take care to see what I’m planting. Too often in the past I’ve planted seeds that have grown into a dark and foreboding forest.

In “Dynamic Stillness, Part One: The Practice of Trika
Yoga,” Swami Chetanananda advises, “Our real work begins when we release the struggle and allow for a change of vibration to take place within us. Again, it is something like gardening. In the beginning, we break the ground, haul out the rocks, fertilize the ground, turn the soil and plant the seeds. Next, we keep the weeds out while the seeds sprout and become strong enough so that they can take care of themselves. Finally, we harvest. The first stage is strenuous; the second, somewhat tedious. Both of them are real work. In the end, when we look at the garden itself, we cannot exactly say, ‘I did this.’ We just appreciate something alive that has emerged and that was not visible before.”

Knowing that gardening is a creative, ongoing process, today I tend the inner garden of my thoughts. I remember each thought is a seed. With the tool of my awareness I lovingly root out thoughts that could grow into weeds. I plant seeds of love, peace and creativity. I am grateful for each awareness, each flowering thought. In this way my personal practice of nonviolence provides me a garden that is beautiful and a refuge from violent thoughts.


I lovingly weed my garden today!

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