I Work for God, Incorporated

May 26, 2012

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Yesterday, at the end of the Living A Course in Miracles homework class (you can still listen to the free replay if you register), I shared how I managed to get my mind out of thinking I was bound in time and space. I had SO MUCH suffering related to thinking that I was a body and that I was not good enough and thinking I was trapped in time with too much to do and not enough time. I wrestled with that one for for a couple of decades.

One of the tools that helped me to transcend that particular thought and the immense suffering that I’d brought on myself, is the awareness that instead of having a job and working at a place or a career – I work for God, Incorporated.

Everywhere I go, whatever I am doing, I’m fully employed and fully funded by the Divine. I always have the ability to extend and share Love if I choose it. Spirit will always guide and direct me if I’m willing. Ask for guidance and it is given, if I’m willing. If I haven’t already made up my mind.

I don’t have to figure out HOW to make anything happen. If I’m willing and available, if I Partner UP! with the Higher Holy Spirit Self, then I’ll be given Divine guidance and instruction as needed.

I can trust Love, if I’m willing. I can place my faith in the invisible Love of God, if I’m willing. I can work for God if I choose. The benefits are amazing. Did you know? “All else is added unto you.” Bonus!


I AM willing to work for Love!

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