Life, Death & the Illusion

May 25, 2012

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I’m so inspired by yesterday’s Living A Course in Miracles class with Ian Patrick (click here to register for free if you’re not already registered). I’m really excited for today’s Homework Class at 7am Pacific today. Join me!

In talking with Ian, I was really recognizing how much EASIER life is when we’re willing to do this spiritual work. It’s not easy to do the work, just like it’s not easy to get in shape to climb a mountain or run a marathon – but it’s also not easy to feel like you’re waiting your life in blame, shame and regret.

I have tried both approaches to life. I have thoroughly tested and tried the following:

Holding grudges
Taking revenge
Anger and hostility
Hurt and depression
Blame and shame
Feeling like a victim
and more …

There’s not ONE of those things that is ACTUALLY easier then doing the spiritual work, the spiritual PRACTICE to heal and redeem oneself – to bring yourself back to peace, harmony, love and joy – your natural state.

I am SO GLAD I lived to have this clear realization and to KNOW IT FOR sure!!! Thank you, GOD!!!

This is why I love to share! I’m so happy I learned something that’s TRULY worthwhile. Truth is liberating!


I AM willing to know the truth that sets me free, baby!!

We did it!  We announced the start of the next Living A Course in Miracles free tele-class – you can register now – please share with your friends!

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8 weeks – 16 classes with folks such as David Hoffmeister, Gary Renard, Colin Tipping, Ian Patrick, Jon Mundy, Rhonda Britten and more!  Please register now and tell friends it’s all our gift to you!


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  • Hi Jennifer,

    I’ve just been introduced to you through the Course of Miracles plus your daily prayer. Throughout the day, I may not remember much about the daily prayer, but what I do remember and what sustains me all day long is remembering your wonderful greeting: Hello Beautiful! That keeps coming back to me and gives me such a boost! I also love to hear your little chuckle that pops in frequently and is such a delight. Thank you!

    With love and much gratitude,
    Margaret Parry

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