Mother’s Day Makeover

May 13, 2012

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This past week on my radio show (click here to download free from iTunes) I shared about some experiences of healing I had with my Mom before she made her transition.

One great learning I experienced was a time when my Mom was really challenged and I was inconsiderate of her. I was wrapped up in my own grief and upset over her illness and I actually was unkind to her. It was a great learning for me because I realized that I’d missed an opportunity to be loving with her. Since my Mom was not going to be with us that much longer, I was aware that the moments I had with her were precious and I’d blown it.

Because of my commitment to forgiveness I was able to forgive myself and harvest the learning. In my harvest I made the commitment to seize every opportunity to be loving and not let anymore pass me by. It was a truly life-changing moment for me and I’m grateful. So grateful.

One thing that my relationship experiences have taught me is that if I’d like my relationships to be different then I must be the one to change. Just because my parents are older than me it doesn’t mean that they have to lead the way anymore. Whenever there’s an opportunity for me to be loving and forgive, I’d like to seize it. In this way, I have transformed all of my relationships and I’m grateful. So grateful.

No matter what the circumstances of your relationship with your Mom, whether she’s here or not here, there or not there, Love knows no boundaries and no limits. Love IS the only healer there is. Love on! Love onward and Love upward! Today’s the day!


I love to love.

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