Response Able for Love!

May 11, 2012

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Have you ever got hung up in your mind by thinking that other people are the cause of your frustration and distress? I have! It’s very tempting.

At least, it was very tempting to me until I realized that the only way I could have true peace was to take responsibility for my choices, my actions, my thoughts and words.

I used to make choices that were way out of integrity and then feel guilty and ashamed and then blame others for my upset. Crazy! I justified all of it and then had a righteous indignation. I was upset because I thought others had done something TO me.

The more awake I become, I realize that I am One with all. There is no other. There is just the One. It’s time for me to take responsibility.

In responsibility and accountability I have found a power tool. It is my liberator! I’m so grateful I am response-able. I have a response-ability and I make the most of it!


I am response-able for choosing Love!

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