Transforming Terrorism

May 12, 2012

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One of the most challenging things for spiritual students to grasp is the idea that they’re not upset for the reason they think they are. For instance, if you’re upset because you’re loved ones aren’t behaving the way you think they should behave you’ll always be incorrect. We’ve been trained to blame our upset on others, but that doesn’t make it right. Blaming other is the habit of someone who fears taking responsibility for their choices.

If you’re willing to look beyond the surface of your distress, you might discover that you’re actually upset because although you pretend to be committed to be unconditionially loving, you’ve given yourself permission to judge your loved ones whenever you feel like it.

Look a little bit deeper and you’ll discover that those judgments you’re holding against your loved ones – your opinions of what they should and shouldn’t be doing – are, by nature, thoughts of attack, with a violent energetic. There’s a huge gap between being unconditionally loving and giving yourself permission to mentally attack whenever you feel like it. And deep down you know it. It’s blatant hypocrisy. And THAT is the actual cause of your upset.

Deep down, you’re upset because you’ve given yourself permission to be unkind, unloving and unjust. On a spiritual level, it’s a profound betrayal of self. It’s also a form of terrorism. And you can pretend no one is noticing, but there’s only ONE MIND, so there’s no where to hide. And you know it.

What is the cure? Forgiveness. Forgive yourself and be willing to replace the habit of judging with a commitment to compassion. Compassion is Love and Love is the healer. Heal the inner terrorist and you heal terrorism in the world for All is One. Be grateful you are response-ABLE and exercise your ability to respond with Love!


I AM able to respond with Love. I walk the talk and live the Love!

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