Acceptance is Key to Healing!

June 2, 2012

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A key to understanding acceptance is understanding resistance. I’ve often had strong resistance to the very things I desire most. I’ve had resistance to stepping into the path of becoming a Minister, even though I knew it was my deep heart’s desire. Why do I resist when I really want to accept? Well, I’ve learned that ‘why’ is not always a helpful question. It can be more productive for me to ask, “what do I resist?” I resist going where I have not gone before because some part of me can sense that there could be times of stretching that could be uncomfortable. And, despite my ever-deepening faith in Divine Love, I could experience feeling fear or doubt until I get my bearings. Sometimes I think I resist out of the habit of resisting. This is where I need to do the work of accepting.

Unnamed and unacknowledged resistance is the block. I need to accept that the Universe is actively trying to get me to realize I have everything worth having if I’d only accept it. The kingdom IS within. It’s pre-installed. Sometimes, the resistance I experience appears to be subconscious. I’m not really aware of it, although I feel its effects. It is my job to do my own work, to look for the resistance and release it.

People often ask me, what is the difference between a Religious Science Practitioner and a traditional therapist? A psychologist is often more focused on how did you get where you are. As a spiritual therapist I’m focused on where do you want to go and who do you need to BE to get there. I know that the past can be healed in a nanosecond. Understanding exactly how I arrived where I am, while often interesting and also useful, is not necessary to healing. The way to heal the past is to accept the fundamental truth of who I AM. I AM that I AM. In the light of that truth all darkness fades.

Today, my moment to moment practice of nonviolence is one of acceptance. Acceptance is applying my conscious mind to the task of releasing the hidden resistance in my subconscious. My mind is the most powerful tool I have. Today I learn a deeper level of acceptance through prayer, meditation and affirmations in order to discover the fundamental truth of my being. Acceptance comes when I anchor myself in gratitude. No one else can do this work for me. I cannot hitchhike on the consciousness of others. I must choose it for myself with the support of the Beloved. This is the only way.

I will not let resistance deter me. It is the friend that makes me find my strength. I place my faith in the Oneness of all life that supports my desire to grow and fulfill my purpose. As I am lifted up others can feel my self-acceptance and I am a safe space for them to be who they are. In this way I am in service to all beings and I am grateful for that.


I accept the good in my life NOW!

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