It’s Not Personal

June 18, 2012

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One of the best, most valuable lessons I learned is that even when people are complaining about me, or attacking me, it’s still NOT personal.

I learned this because I realized that when I’m the one who is complaining or judging it’s always about ME! It’s always about my ability to see with eyes of love or not.

If someone looks at me and has a complaint then they are not seeing me with eyes of love. The temptation used to be to give as good as I got and then take it up a notch. I used to respond with both barrels. Now, I realize that I really am only interested in harmony, union and releasing ALL forms of separation.

I’m profoundly interested in seeing the Oneness and the sameness, rather than pointing a finger. I’d rather put my arm around someone or rub shoulders t hen point a finger.

My Cherokee teacher, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, taught me that when you point a finger at someone then THREE fingers are pointing back at you.

I think maybe those three fingers could remind me to choose love, compassion and forgiveness.
Or maybe those three fingers could remind me to align body, mind and spirit in awareness of oneness.

I’m so grateful to learn that other people’s upsets are a cry for love, always that. I’m grateful to remember that sharing Love is my life purpose.


I AM choosing Love right now!

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  1. Hi Beautiful Jennifer (light, love, gift, blessing you are),
    Thank you for your sharings in all forms. I’m growing, and blooming, maybe not exactly at the rate my ego wishes but such is life. I know I’m blooming exactly as God’s loving plan for me is unfolding. Thank you Jennifer for offering ACIM … the eight week line-up of presenters along with their messages are divinely inspiring, and tremendouly enhancing my earthly journey. Prayers for ALL creation living from love verses ego. Tama’s session was awesome. Looking forward to Colin’s this week.
    Pam (NL, Canada)

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