Love the Complainer!

June 9, 2012

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I had such an aha yesterday morning in the Living A Course in Miracles Homework Class. (click here to register for the free class) – This week our topic is Walking the Talk in Your Family and Jon Mundy and I were talking about the miraculous transformation you can have in your family when you make the commitment to be a loving presence.

I’d asked Jon to share about how to handle people who are chronic complainers and critics and then yesterday morning when I was sharing in the homework class I realized that I had been that complainer. I had such a clear realization of how much healing I’d had through my commitment to BE the love of my life.

Never doubt that you can have an extraordinary healing. Your Willingness is the jet fuel that brings you to take OFF! Take a LOAD of old stuff OFF your mind and set yourself free – this week’s classes will assist you in doing that.

YOU really are the ONE you’ve been waiting for! Love the complainer in you, if not the complaining! Be willing to dig deeper and find the love and compassion for yourself that is necessary to have a permanent healing!


I AM the one I’ve been waiting for and my time for healing is NOW!

Accept the Gift: 8 weeks – 16 classes with folks such as David Hoffmeister, Gary Renard, Colin Tipping, Ian Patrick, Jon Mundy, Rhonda Britten and more! Please register now and tell friends it’s all our gift to you!

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This week, join me & Dr. Jon Mundy – our topic is Walking the Talk in Your Family!


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  • Hello dear Reverend Jennifer. I am profoundly grateful to be part of this Holy Circle and so happy to know you. It would be so mutch easier for me to speak or write in french, but that’s the way it is, and i can say that i learn a lot this way, having to slow down and stay focussed on what i am doing in the present moment.
    I have a question about a pattern of victimization. My son Dominic and me have had a relation based on abandonment, sorrow and guilt. My familial story with his father was very violent. Now i can see that, to go out of it, i have chosen(part consciously and unconsciously) madness, fear, panic and depression. I had to leave without my two children(Fannie was 6 and Dominic 4). I went to psychiatry for monts and to live with relatives, far from them, for 5years. But I could see Them almost every week after the first 6 months. I understand more and more that seing him weak , unable to take care of himsef wihout “his mother” because of his mental disease,alcoolism,anxiety etc. are strong ATTACK thougts and also a complaining way to stay and increase the ” false problem “. I had the same pattern with my mother who died when i was 19.
    My attitude about him already changed. I made a lot of work on it but i would like to have some suggestions from you to let go of this pattern
    permanently. My profound intention is to liberate Dominic and myself (and my mother) from this pattern.
    Dear Jennifer, Thank you so mutch for your Loving and Generous Presence. You came into my life by Divine Grace. I asked for help and i receaved in abundance. Love. Louisexox

  • I just listen to the homework of yesterday and have the realisation that Dominic and i have already all we need preinstalled inside and my job is only to love him just the way he is. I don’t have to correct or change anything about him. Wanting him to be different, is making the problem real and that’s what i did since the beginning of his life. I don’t want to do it anymore. I make the commitment to love and accept him as a child of GOD, to see him with the CHRIST VISION, with Perfect Confidence and don’t ever try to change his thinking and behaviour. It is a big step for me to take but i’am not alone, i ask Holy Spirit and Jesus for help. We shall overcome ! And joyfully, with great Confidence i share the benefits of my healing with everyone because WE ARE ONE. Amen

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