New Friends

June 11, 2012

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To humorist Will Rogers, strangers were simply friends he hadn’t met. Being able to be friendly as an attitude, as a way of life is a gift. It’s the gift I give others and it makes me available to receive the gift of appreciation and friendliness in return. If I want to have friends I must be a friend first. There is no limit to the friends I can have. There is no ceiling on the possibilities and rewards my friendships can provide.

As I walk through the world I notice that everyone, including me, enjoys friends. Without friends to share with there is little enjoyment. I carry my friendliness as a sign that I am open to new friends and that I am a safe place for people to be themselves.

Today I view the new people I encounter as friends I haven’t yet met. Today I make friendliness part of my daily spiritual practice. With every step I move the world in a direction of peace.


I’m willing to be friendly!

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  1. Love to start my day with you, Jennifer, and your Affirmative Treatment.
    Thank You, for this Labor of Love.

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