To Minister is to Serve

June 3, 2012

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To be a minister is to be an agent for. To minister to is to be of service to. What I have learned over the years is that many of us are willing to give time and money to help the poor and be of service to them. This is admirable and brings great benefit. What is even more beneficial is for those of us who have eyes to see and ears to hear to take action on behalf of the poor and needy. To be an agent for change. An agent for education and enlightenment so that we can eliminate the causes of poverty and ignorance. This is the way that can truly minister to our brothers and sisters, bring benefit and be of service to the Divine. As practitioners of nonviolence we must, like Gandhi and King, see past the surface of the problem and address its root cause: The beliefs that created the challenge, and the thinking that fosters it and supports it.

Reverend Mary Manin Morrissey says, “You and I are meant to be ‘ministers,’ that is, those who carry the flame, bear the light of Truth. When you witness prejudice, pettiness, and the ramifications of gossip, take a stand and put a stop to it. Build up what is torn down. Who will be the minister in your home or work, if not you?”

I knew I was a minister long before someone officially recognized it in me. We can all be a minister in our hearts.

Today you can see yourself as one who embodies the light of Truth. You can see that it is the most intimidating circumstances that benefit from the light the most. Be willing to be the one who brings the light. I know that others like Gandhi and King, have gone before us and shown us how to do it. We take their spirit with us and we minister where we are. In this way we seek to pull up the roots of violence, separation and hatred so that it can grow no more. We plant seeds of love and peace everywhere we go.


I AM in service to Love.

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