You Cannot Fail!

June 13, 2012

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One of the most valuable things I’ve realized is that when I decided to stop trying to MAKE things happen for myself, and instead decided to allow God to work through me, then I could begin to experience the flow of the all good.

The flow of good was always there, but when I believed it was up to me to MAKE it happen I was not experiencing the flow. We don’t have to make the flow happen. it’s already happening.

The challenge for many people is accepting that they cannot actually control the flow. The challenge is giving up the idea that there’s benefit to trying to manage the flow. Managing and controlling the flow are two excellent ways to make yourself miserable. They will almost always lead to a sense of failure.

When you’re willing to let God lead, and put BEING loving first in your life, you cannot fail. Success may not look or feel the way you thought, but chances are it will feel much better than you ever imagined.

True success is surrendering to the flow. It’s not easy. It requires willingness. It requires trust. And when you’re ready to stop failing, you’ll find that it’s also a HUGE relief!


I AM surrendered to the flow of the ALL GOOD! I trust in God!

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  • Thank you so much, Jennifer. Living & loving in the flow if the all good! Love it. Blessings to you in Utah!

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