Acceptance is Peace

July 6, 2012

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It’s so valuable to be able to accept what is. As you know, I’ve been camping in Vermont and having some health challenges. It’s been great in SO many ways and difficult in others – that’s life!

I have been SO excited to offer these last two classes of Living A Course in Miracles on Forgiveness and Relationships – and now I’ve had to postpone them due to a sore throat. I could have done the classes, but I’m just so THRILLED with what’s been emerging, I really don’t feel it’s in our best interest to be distracted by a sore throat.

When I made the decision, I knew immediately it was right and felt good about it. My friend started to tell me all the reasons why my decision was a good one – and yet, I already felt that I had made the right choice and there was not a trace of anything but GRATITUDE because I absolutely KNOW that next week these classes will be EVEN better for having had another week to percolate with them. How wonderful!

I absolutely love that Peace and acceptance go hand in hand.

I invite you to consider – is there anything in your life that you’re refusing to accept and it’s costing you your sense of Peace?

You can change your mind anytime!


I accept what is and choose to focus on Love!

Accept the Gift: 8 weeks – 16 classes with folks such as David Hoffmeister, Gary Renard, Colin Tipping, Ian Patrick, Jon Mundy, Rhonda Britten and more! Please register now and tell friends it’s all our gift to you!

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This week, join me – our topic is Forgiveness and Relationship!


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  • Dear Reverend Jennifer,

    All is in Divine Order as your throat takes the time necessary to heal. You are in my prayers and I look forward to next week’s session of Living ACIM.


  • Hello Jennifer, I love that prayer and thank you for showing up this morning with your sore throat. But, a class is a different thing and please rest your throat. I love and look forward to hearing you every day and love, love, love, your classes on Thursday. and Friday and look forward to them every week. I love you. barbara

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