Boundless Compassion

July 10, 2012

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Have you ever withheld love and compassion with an energy of spitefulness? I have. For many years I really thought that one of the main powers I had was withholding love, withholding compassion, withholding kindness. In my ignorance, I had no idea that this was creating massive amounts of distress in my life and heart.

So often spiritual students deny the effect that is caused by their choices. Like a little child throwing a temper tantrum grown adults will make spiteful, hurtful choices while ignoring the dissonance that the tantrum creates.

Sometimes there’s a sense that it would be great if there were no consequences to our thoughts and choices. If that were true we would be stuck in ignorance.

How do you move out of this childishness and ignorance? Compassion. In Truth, your heart contains boundless compassion. As soon as you are ready to have more peace, more harmony and more joy, the attraction of compassion will become clear to you. What a blessing!


I AM boundless compassion!

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