Healing is Simple

July 15, 2012

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At the workshop in Boston yesterday, I was reminded that healing is so simple. It really is only necessary that we release that which no longer serves us.

I’ve learned to ask myself in a gentle, loving way, “what is it you like about being upset and holding onto your judgments?” When I ask myself this question with tenderness and compassion then it’s amazing how quickly and easily the answer comes and I can release that which is not enhancing my life and relationships.

Are you willing to simply take a few minutes to make a masterful inquiry into what’s really going on.

Gentleness and compassion are key. Healing really only requires Love. Love is the healer.


I AM Love and I AM willing to live what I AM.

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  • Dear Jennifer, thank you so much for your beautiful work, for your beautiful spirit, your beautiful self and the love you share in such a fun and deep deep way. You have really touched my heart in your 8 week online ACIM course and I really feel honoured and privileged to be part of your community. What an amazing journey we are on. The road of boundless love. All my love and blessings. Xx

  • My Dear Jennifer,
    Wonderful to meet you physically at the Boston worksop . You are an amazing healer/teacher , not only through your record voice , but also through your physical presence! I’m still in process of understanding the gems of the teachings you shared with us .
    Thank you so much . I so appreciate you , Love, Mary

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