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July 22, 2012

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Yesterday in our Masterful Living Monthly Intensive class we were talking about the recent massacre in Colorado. One thing we came to see as we talked is that it’s possible that there are many times in life when we have the opportunity to be kind, loving and caring toward other people and we look away. Our looking away has an impact. How many times were people intuitively feeling the impulse to reach out to that young man and be kind, loving, caring, connected and instead they decided to look away?

There are times when we feel such a strong impulse to reach out to someone, but then we choose not to. There are times when our intuition suggests we help someone, but then we don’t. These things happen every day. It’s a part of life.

What if we began to treasure that still small voice to such a degree that we really welcomed each suggestion? And even if we didn’t feel comfortable to reach out we made the effort to say a prayer, and to hold good thoughts.

You can train our mind to look for the highest possibility if we You’ld like to find it and see it and experience it. It’s always there, waiting to be chosen. So much good unfolds when we move into this level of mind training. It’s actually quite profound.

Try it for one week and see what you think! Make that your commitment this week and see what unfolds!

CAUTION: Be prepared to receive the blessings that will naturally unfold!


I AM looking for the highest choice in every moment. I choose Love!


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