New Moon Today!

July 18, 2012

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Tonite is the first new moon of the summer and it’s a potent one! I love to share a new moon ritual that I learned from my teacher – Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo – I love an opportunity to do sacred ceremony that supports the expansion of my spiritual practice and the awakening of my mind. Here’s what I love to do and I encourage you to add your own spice!

New Moon is a time of planting seeds – Full Moon is a time of harvest AND of releasing.

What are the seeds that you would like to plant now and see them grow to fruition by the next full moon (28 days) or beyond?

To begin – prepare your space with any or all of the following:

  • smudge your space for clarity – or light incense or make some offering of smoke if that feels right
  • more offerings: light a white candle for fire offering, glass of water, dish of salt, dish of cornmeal
  • play a music that feels expansive and supportive
  • write down your aspirations – the seeds your planting for this coming month
  • make prayers before, during and after your sacred ceremony to align with Divine Will and release all habits that create suffering
  • Energize the benefits for all beings of the realization of your aspirations
  • You can tape your aspiration writing to the window where the moon can pass by it in the night – I like the idea of receiving the moon’s blessing and making an offering of my aspirations
  • in the morning, you can burn your paper and make that offering of the smoke – this morning fire puja (or same night or next day, according to your feeling) helps affirm the offering you’re making to align with your aspirations.

Ceremonies are so healing and energizing.

Invite a friend to join you and align together.

Remember to continuously energize your aspirations every day and keep your attention focused on the benefits for all beings when your aspiration is fully realized!

Go for it! Let me know your aspirations – write them here in the comment section and I’ll hold them in my heart too!


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  1. Thank you for all your teachings and classes as they are so beneficial and helpful to our learning and awakening!!..

    My aspirations are to have more clarity, wisdom, and insight for the awareness of divine guidance. I aspire to become more peaceful and loving each day to the best of my ability as I practice heart mind congruence.

    Thank you again.

  2. My aspirations is to create Indigo Fields Forever- a gardening experience to revive and remind our Indigo and Crystal Children of why they have come at this time and to empower them to continue their work. What I need is the funds to be able to move this project into a full blown, well attended, dynamic program. I am grateful to the Universe and to my beautiful son for bringing me to this place, right here, right now, that allows me the energy to go forth.

  3. Thank you.. my aspiration is to have a healing and to do forgiveness letters for the next 40 days . I aspire to give up judgements and opinons and be heart mind congruent. Love Lindas aspiration. .as well

  4. Thank you, Rev. Jennifer, for the blessings you offer so many of us with your benevolent work. I adore you! I aspire in this next 28-day cycle to attain a deep sense of security, peace and awareness within my own body as I move through my search for employment. I aspire to have gainful employment (abundance) so that I may continue on my path in spiritual life coaching, and remain a productive single momma!

    With much love and heartfelt gratitude,

  5. Hi Jen,
    Thank you for holding my aspirations in your heart. I deeply appreciate it.
    Here they are:

    To know my power, and be surer of it everyday.
    To find more time to do what matters, thereby reducing anxiety
    To allow my next great job into my life
    To find new ways to help others through their negative judgements that drain them and me
    To continue to cut the need for alcohol and tobacco

    Thanks and much love to you.

  6. [Focus] in all areas of my life….Body, Mind and Spirit!
    Thanks for all of your wisdom and support Jennifer….♥

  7. thank you jenifer..for being so inspiring
    my affrimation..i am willing to see love, feel love, give love and be loved.

  8. Hello Jennifer, my aspiration is not to pass judgement or my opinions and offer them to help to change the world. I enjoy everything you suggest and look forward to being your prayer partner every day. Thank you. barbara

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