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July 8, 2012

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I have to laugh at myself. And fortunately I have a sense of humor and I CAN laugh at myself now. That didn’t used to be the case (by a long shot). I have acquired humility over the years and it’s been hard won. I acquired much of my humility the old fashioned way – through a seemingly endless string of painful humiliations. Now that it’s over I am so grateful I can laugh about it. My gratitude was a long time in coming, and now that it’s here I celebrate. That’s a big part of my prosperity.

For the LONGEST time, many hard and painful years, even though I understood the law of cause and effect on an intellectual basis, I continued to think thoughts that could only bring me what I didn’t truly want. I would pray for abundance and then think thoughts of limitation and lack all day long. I did that for years.

This is why, now that I have more clarity, I must share. I must be devoted to truth. It’s so precious to me. I have come to be grateful for every morsel of learning, insight and wisdom that I have been able to piece together. That is the true GOLD in my life. It IS the pearl above price.

The peace, the harmony, the clarity and so much more -these benefits I enjoy now, are so valuable to me. They all came from my commitment to my spiritual practice. It’s a true commitment – not just for show. It’s a deep longing to know God above all else. It is the longing to LOVE with complete purity. I aspire to be pristine in all my thoughts and choices – in every moment – because I know that’s how I align with my Divinity and there is no other way. Through spiritual practice and devotion I have been able to cleanse my mind.

This is true prosperity – a healed mind. There is no greater attainment. How grateful I am that I know that now and cannot be fooled again. Thank GOD for the truth that sets us free from ALL suffering!


I AM free to know true prosperity. I choose freedom.

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  • Dear Jennifer,
    I have been listening to the prayer for today every morning for the past couple of weeks now, and I love them. I feel truly blessed to have come upon your website, as you and your work are having an amazingly positive effect on my life. I’m so grateful for your love and devotion to sharing the truth with us and I know that my “breakthrough” is now imminent.

    Blessings xx

  • Your description of yourself BEFORE your transformation sounds so much like where I am at now. At 63 yrs young, I’ve known for about 15 yrs INTELLECTUALLY how creation IS – just as you describe your former beliefs….. I beat myself up because I fail at a spiritual practice, lose focus, swiftly drift back to old thoughts and feelings – I’ve not followed through with goals for many years, stopping because I have no belief that I can persevere and become different than what I am, what I think I am, what I believe that I am. I’ve read much, believe what I read but when it comes to putting it into practice…….I fizzle out…. I know that the universe, planet earth, needs my help and support and contribution desperately – I do not want to be a hindrance to what is coming – please include people like me in your thoughts and energies and love…. Muchisimas gracias – your messages are lifelines – thank you for your daily dispensation of them…..

  • Dear Jennifer,
    How wonderful to know that we are set free by our willingness to hear God’s voice throughout the day. How wonderful to know that as we become whole, perfect and complete the Universe and all sentient beings also become whole, perfect and complete.

    Thank you, God! and Thank you Jennifer for your inspiration that you share to the world. I love you, I love you, I love you!


  • Dear Jennifer,

    I have got into the habit of sitting and listening to your breathing joyful prayers every morning. What a spiritual pick me up it is, like no prayer I have ever listened to before. Thanking you muchly prayer partner.

    Be well


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