Relief from Scarcity

July 9, 2012

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For so very many years I operated from a deep sense of scarcity. I felt a constant sense of lack in so many ways. All day long instead of counting my blessings, I was counting the holes in the pockets of my purse and my heart.

Intellectually, I declared that the glass was half full.
Emotionally & physically, I felt the glass was half empty.

Every where I went, it seemed that I was dragging around with me this carcass of a belief in lack and limitation. Because I was dragging it with me everywhere I went, I saw it everywhere I was. It was exhausting and draining in so many ways.

Then, through devotion and spiritual practice, I began to discover that there was an error in my thinking.

The glass is not half full. I was incorrect. There wasn’t a lack. There wasn’t a limitation. In actuality, in Truth, the glass is ever-full. The kingdom is within in it’s FULLNESS.

We have to be willing to see and know this DESPITE any appearances in order to experience it.
The appearance that we are seeing today is the manifestation of our thinking yesterday.

When you decide to be willing to see the fullness of God within YOU and within EVERYONE then your sense of lack will dissolve into the nothingness from which it came.

Scarcity is a myth, perpetuated to manipulate.

Where in your mind, in your life, in your relationships do you choose to promote scarcity in order to attempt to control and manipulate? This is not a casual question. Perhaps your answered prayer is contained in the contemplation of this question.


I AM abundant by nature!

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