Sweet Forgiveness

July 5, 2012

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Over and over again in my classes, I notice that so many people are just like me. I used to hesitate to forgive and to do my deep spiritual work and while I was hesitating I was also complaining and suffering. I was stewing in a pot of unforgiveness. All the while, I had the power to get up and out of that mess, but I hesitated. I resisted. I was reluctant. I delayed and delayed and delayed. I blamed MY chosen point of view on others and I suffered for it. Oh, how I suffered!

And now, I’m so grateful to know that it’s not necessary to suffer.

Suffering IS optional.

I am no longer interested in that option. I choose instead, sweet forgiveness wherever possible. I invite you to join me!


I forgive and I AM Free!

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This week, join me – our topic is Forgiveness and Relationship!


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