Winds of Reconciliation

July 13, 2012

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With this week’s two classes on Forgiveness & Relationships (, plus the workshop in Boston this Saturday on Forgiveness, Trust & Faith (see events page), I’ve been so present to the power of reconciliation. I keep giving thanks for my own ability to see the value of forgiveness and reconciliation.

I feel that I’ve been able to get rid of much of what obscured my personal sense of happiness and right relationship through my practice of compassion. It used to be so hard for me to apologize and now I’m grateful when I can see any mistake I’ve made and offer an apology.

The winds of reconciliation are like a fresh cool breeze on a hot stuffy day. It’s amazing how fast the atmosphere shifts when we are singing the song of love and compassion! I am so surprised I ever resisted in the first place! What was I thinking?

I was thinking that there was a lack and so I was withholding love. The only lack I ever felt was the one that I created! And I know that now!

Is there any place in your heart where you could open up a window and let the refreshing winds of reconciliation blow through?


I AM available to love and be loved right now!

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