All Things Work Together for Good

August 12, 2012

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10 days ago I flew to St. Louis to lead a wonderful retreat with some beautiful folks. I had a great time, despite the fact that I left my laptop on the plane on the way there.

I had a feeling that it would find it’s way back to me, so I didn’t worry. I had thought I might get caught up on some email during my down time, but that wasn’t really possible, so I had some free time and I rested instead. I was greatly helped by my friend Olivia who contacted Southwest Airlines on my behalf and filed the lost laptop claim. I enjoyed my opportunity to rest.

People who learned that I’d left my laptop on the plane kept telling me not to worry. Others expressed their condolences. My intuition told me that all was well and to totally trust that. It actually felt so strong and clear that it didn’t occur to me to even be concerned. I felt that it would come back this week and it did.

One generous person even offered to get me a new one if the old one wasn’t found.

On Wednesday last week, Southwest Airlines let me know that they thought they’d found a laptop that matched my description and on Friday Fedex brought it back home to me.

I’m so glad I didn’t invest any of my precious energy in worry. Worrying never helps.

When we can dare to believe that all things work together for our good, it’s amazing what transpires.

I invite you to consider if there’s anything in your life that you’ve been worrying about that you’d be willing to place on God’s altar and trust that all things are working together for YOUR good.

It’s a deep practice and the benefit is PEACE!!


I AM at peace with what is!


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