Dog Days of Summer

August 20, 2012

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One of the benefits of visiting with my family is that I get to hang out with the family dogs Maxwell & Dixie. Dixie watches over my brother and his family. Dixie is a beagle, like Snoopy of PEANUTS fame. She’s always doing something funny. She cracks me up!

Dixie knows I have a soft spot for her and so she sometimes follows me around in the kitchen to see if I’lll let her help with dishes by licking a plate or a spoon. The other night, we all came back to the rental house we’re staying in and people settled all over the living area and started watching Harry Potter, playing games, etc. I went into the kitchen and Dixie followed me around wagging her tail, so happy to see me. She was very persistent, so I asked everyone if she’d been fed her dinner, and was told she’d been fed.

I looked at Dixie and asked her, “what’s up, Dixie-Doodle?” I call her that, it just seems to fit her, although I do feel her “real” name is Lucy. Don’t ask me why, it’s just my intuition. Anyway, she immediately told what she wanted – water! She was thirsty!

She drank the first bowl of water straight off. She was so happy to get it. I don’t think anyone gave her water for about 8 hours. Then I gave her another bowl and yet another! She drank part of the third and was very thankful.

Like most dogs she didn’t hold a grudge, she was just grateful and happy. Little dog, big heart!

Room with a View

They’re such teachers, aren’t they? Dixie loves to sit and look out the window. In most homes, this means she has to climb up somewhere to get a view. As you can see from the picture’s below, she’s very clever about getting herself situated in a comfortable spot where she can sit and watch what’s going on outside. Dixie does the same thing in the car.

Dixie is a cousin to Snoopy for sure!


I AM grateful for the little things in life. My heart is big with great gratitude.


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