Ex Drama Queen

August 18, 2012

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There’s always some drama to get entangled in if you’re interested in having drama. Some people like to create drama. It gives them a sense of power and control. For some people, drama makes them feel alive:

I complain, there for I AM.

I used to love to complain.
I used to feel powerful creating drama.
And then I decided to focus on being more spiritually mature.

It did take me many years to break the habit of being a drama queen. Once I got out of the habit, I realized how exhausting it is. I also realized what a complete waste of energy it is.

You really do have to DECIDE to heal the attraction to the negativity and the attraction to separation. Love is the healer. You can love yourself enough to choose higher.

It does take some attention and focus to be able to turn your mind away from the drama, but you’ll soon realize that you can invest your precious life in other things MUCH more enjoyable and more valuable.

I’m particularly aware of the choice to avoid drama while visiting my family this week in Maine. Instead of creating some drama or indulging in negativity I can enjoy my family and love them. And I also managed to go for a beautiful kayak with my sister-in-law. Fun!


I choose Love. Love is my healer today!

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