Spiritual Do-Over

August 10, 2012

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I have had a few times in recent years when I was less than stellar in my loving behavior towards someone that I really care about. Sometimes the stuff comes up for healing and I can feel like it blindsides me. I always review my choices after the fact and make the commitment to do better. I also ask that the angels help me to have another opportunity to do better and heal the patterns of separation. It works.

I also ask the angels to help us so that we don’t hold onto the mistakes, but rather learn from them and are inspired and motivated to choose higher and heal the pattern. It works!

I have had so many demonstrations that MY willingness is what makes the BIG difference. I get to experience this healing and share the benefits with everyone so that all are lifted.

In this way my life is a series of beautiful blessings – learning from my mistakes and healing the past. Talk about a free BONUS! No extra charge to release the judgment, open my heart and choose again!


I AM choosing love today, again and again!


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