August 17, 2012

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Many people feel unsuccessful. They’re looking outside of themselves for signs of success, but the greatest success comes from the progress within. Years ago I decided that the best success would be my ability to be more loving. Every day I can be successful if I choose to be. It’s a great self-esteem builder.

Each and every day there are a plethora of opportunities to be more loving, kind, compassionate and generous and it’s a wonderful way to feel that I’m in the flow of the all good.

If I miss some opportunities to be more loving and compassionate, and instead choose negativity, I can immediately turn the tide and choose to be loving and compassionate with myself. Love is such a wonderful and healing practice and it does become a habit, just like being grumpy or withdrawn or sarcastic becomes a habit.

I used to think that my thoughts, beliefs and behavior were very much dependent upon what others were doing. If others would just behave differently then I would too.

Being on vacation with my family this week I have so much evidence of my spiritual success. There was a time in our family when there were lots of sarcasm, complaining, disagreements, and arguments, but no more. I have to say that I notice that the more loving I am the more loving everyone around me is.

Yesterday it rained all day and so we had game day. We played one game after another: Blokcus, Settlers of Katan, cards, scrabble, jigsaw puzzles and a couple of Harry Potter movies too. It was a great day – nine of us in the house all day together and not even one minor upset or disagreement. Pretty amazing.

Do I take credit for this amazing shift in my family. No, of course not. Love is the healer, not me. However, I dedicate myself to love and the healing happens.

Is there any relationship you’re in where you’ve been blaming the state of it on someone else? Take charge and be the one who puts love first. Put love in charge and love will heal your whole life! Now, THAT is true success!


I AM the one I’ve been waiting for!

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