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August 1, 2012

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Today is a momentous day – did you know that? Today really is the pivotal day in your life – if you choose it It’s a full moon day – which the mystics know is a time of profound healing and release – what are you choosing today? Are you preparing for the day that you shifted EVERYTHING in your life? I am! No kidding!

My biggest breakthrough came when I realized: I am the one!

Like Neo in the movie THE MATRIX, I discovered, I AM THE ONE!

And so are YOU!!! Today is the day!! You have the opportunity to OWN the jackpot, the treasure, the diamonds and gold! The treasure is your brilliant light-filled HEART OF GOLD!

Be Whole Hearted – starting NOW.
And always remember that YOU are responsible for your healing.

No one can do this for you. You are the one!

Your healing completely and TOTALLY depends on your dedication, your investment, your willingness, and your INTEREST.

If you put anything in front of your healing then you are putting the ego in front of your healing. It’s true!! The greatest benefit you can be in the world, in your family, in your finances, in your relationships, in any and EVERY area of your life is the investment that YOU put into your healing.

If you value something more than your spiritual awakening then you are actively contributing to your suffering.

If you are suffering you are probably choosing self-medication which is a potent form of self-sabotage. And you already know this. If you’re suffering then most-likely a HUGE part of your suffering is because you do not live what you already know so well. If you’re suffering, then I bet you say one thing and you do another, every day! I know, because that’s what I used to do and it made my life a miserable, painful mess of lack and limitation.

Every single Master of Divine Expression knows and says over and over and over again that your dedication and your devotion to your healing through YOUR spiritual practice (not your teachers and not your friends) is YOUR path to happiness, abundance, wholeness and profound JOY!

Is there something that you value more than PROFOUND JOY?
If so, what is it? Do you even know? Today’s the day to wake up and change your mind! And if you choose JOY today and hold yourself to it, then today is YOUR LIBERATION DAY!!!

And remember – if you’d like support for the journey – that’s what I offer. My 7 week spiritual bootcamp class begins today. Finding Freedom begins today.

Here’s what you might not know about this class:

  • You can take this class from anywhere in the world, on your own time and your own schedule using the class audio downloads and replays, the transcripts and the videos.
  • You can access via internet or phone. With local phone numbers for many countries and all US states
  • You can ask me your specific questions – whether you are available at class time or not – and I’ll address them
  • If finances are a concern, I’ll take just about any payment plan you would like if mine doesn’t suit you. (I’m 100% committed to your growth)
  • You can partner up with a loved one and save nearly 40% on the second tuition and you can always repeat the class and save 66%
  • I offer a full money back guarantee if you feel the class isn’t worth it

If you haven’t even bothered to look at what I’m sharing take a look now – I guarantee you’ll be inspired if you check out all the amazing testimonials from people who have PROFOUNDLY healed and changed their lives using the simple and clear tools I offer in Finding Freedomclick now

If you already know that you’re ready to register – click now
If you’ve taken Finding Freedom before and your ready to repeat – click now

Of course, you can have your breakthrough on your own.
There’s nothing preventing you.
There’s NEVER been anything to prevent you. EVERYTHING is already within you!!

Today’s YOUR day! I salute you!


I AM the one I’ve been waiting for and now I know it!


Finding Freedom 7-Week Spiritual Boot Camp

What can turbo-charge your spiritual growth and expansion in the most DIRECT WAY? Spiritual practices. You must DO spiritual practices to build your spiritual strength, just as you must work out to build your physical muscles. There’s NO OTHER WAY. That’s why I offer my Finding Freedom spiritual boot camp, which is like having a loving, authentic personal trainer for your spiritual life. I cannot do it for you, but I can do it with you – and I will if you’re willing. When you’re ready to go for it, you just know! Click here to watch my Finding Freedom video and see if this is right for you right now.


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